There are various costs associated with SEAS process and the subsequent registration process that occurs at the provincial level.  You should be aware of these costs before embarking on the SEAS process, and registration process at the provincial level.  Here we've tried to give you a listing of all known costs.  Unless otherwise indicated, all costs below are in Canadian dollars

SEAS Fees, Payable to ACOTRO - Valid until April 30, 2018***
FIrst installment $200.00
Second Installment $1,100.00
Third Installment $1,800.00
TOTAL $3,100.00
  **plus GST/HST
SEAS Costs, Payable to other agencies*
WES Academic Credential Report $180.00
Language Assessment (if needed)             $250.00 - $350.00
Certified Translations (if needed) ?
Payment to academic institute (to request  documents) ?
Electronic Proctoring for JKAT US $ 25.00
Travel and accomodation costs for CA (if needed) ?

SEAS - Other potential costs
Request for Extension Fee $50.00
Request for Reconsideration Fee (per step of SEAS) $250.00
Duplicate Disposition Report or document $25.00
Administration Fee for File copying (e.g. copies of your curriculum documents) $40.00 plus .05 per page

Costs After SEAS (to become registered)
Application Fee at the provincial level Fees set by provincial regulator
Registation Fee at the provincial level
Additional Language Testing (if needed) ?
Criminal Record Check (if needed) ?
Malpractice Insurance ?
NOTCE - National Exam    $550.00 plus taxes

* Only known costs have been included


SEAS was launched on May 1, 2015. The costs associated with delivering our SEAS process over the past 2.5 years have risen and result in an increase in our fees. We are providing a six month notice with the fee increase not coming into effect until May 1, 2018.

The increase in the fees for the SEAS process as of May 1, 2018 does not impact on any fees already paid. Applicants who are in the second phase of the SEAS process may pay the third fee, at the current rate, prior to May 1, 2018 if the following SEAS activities have been completed:

  • Phase 2 fee has been paid
  • Occupational Therapy University curriculum documents for the Profession Specific Curriculum Assessment have been received at the ACOTRO office
  • Minimum requirement for the Language Readiness Assessment has been met
  • Language declaration has been completed.

The change in fees is noted below. All fees are in Canadian dollars. 

SEAS Phase/Activity

Current Fee

Fee as of May 1, 2018

Phase 1



Phase 2



Phase 3



Request for Extension



                                                                                    ** Plus GST/HST

We will continue to monitor delivery of our SEAS process and review the program. 

** Change in SEAS Fee structure effective January 1, 2016

As per the Canadian Revenue Agency, the SEAS fees are subject to Harmonized and Goods and Services Taxes (HST/GST). Internationally Educated Occupational Therapists (IEOTs) are required to pay the mandatory HST/GST per fee of the SEAS process.  This change will only apply to upcoming fee payments, not payments already made.

How do you know what amount you have to pay in HST/GST?

This tax is calculated based on the geographical location of the IEOT at the time each fee is paid (i.e. the amount you pay in taxes can vary if there is a change in your residential address over the course of the SEAS process). Applicants who are not situated in Canada at the time of paying a particular fee for SEAS are not subject to the HST/GST on that fee. Applicants who are in Canada will pay HST/GST on their SEAS fees according to the rates in the table below.  :

0%          Outside of Canada 

13%       Ontario, New Brunswick, Newfoundland & Labrador

14%       Prince Edward Island

15%       Nova Scotia

5%          all other provinces in Canada

The GST/HST payment will need to be received by ACOTRO before the subsequent stage of the SEAS process can be started.